Heather’s Story


Heather Martin from Bishops Stortford applied for a vocational grant when she was lead to apply for a theological course in Cambridge.

The money has been a massive help towards the funding of my studies.

Currently, I am studying at Ridley Hall in Cambridge on their Lay Ministry degree course from Durham University.

After completing a Youth and Children’s internship at Bishops Stortford Baptist Church following my first degree, I felt God was calling me on a different path from PE Teaching which I had always been set on.

At the end of my first year studying my three year degree course in Theology, Ministry and Mission with a Youth Work pathway, I have managed to make some great progress not just in my studies, but also in my ministry and my experience. The grant has allowed me to focus on my ministry before the financial worries of having to fund the course myself. I have been able to theologically reflect on my ministry and have time to study.

Though I am still trying to work a part time job alongside both my studies and ministry, and while I still have to raise the funds for the next two years of my course, the grant has meant that I have had a foundation on which to begin these studies.

Today Heather is still serving at Bishop Stortford’s Baptist church as a Youth Minister Trainee and has done so for the last three years.