LWPT is represented at a local level by friends of LWPT who are prepared to actively support and promote the charity with Christian church groups in their local area on a voluntary basis. These valuable members of the organisation are known as local co-ordinators (LCs). Enthusiasm apart, LWPT LCs must be Christians with an ecumenical outlook and who understand and support the objects of LWPT.

Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by their local church or Christian fellowship group for appointment as an LWPT LC. There is no set term of office for an LC – LWPT values your support for however long you are able to serve. LWPT will maintain a register of all appointed LCs.

  • The role of the LC is to promote awareness of LWPT and the benefits the charity can deliver within the local Christian community.
  • To assist in fundraising and fundraising events.
  • To act as a first point of contact for anyone who has a query regarding what LWPT can do for them, or indeed what they can do for LWPT.
  • To inform LWPT of the passing of any Friends.
  • To inform LWPT of any news from their area that may be of wider interest.
  • To represent LWPT at local events where appropriate.

The manner in which the role is carried out and the time to be spent on such work is entirely at the discretion of the individual LC.

If you would like to become an LC or to find out who your Local Co-ordinator is, contact the LWPT office who will be happy to help you.


If you do not feel able to commit to the role of an LC, then there are plenty of ways to help support LWPT. For example, you could consider arrange an annual meal or event, perhaps in one of your churches. Donations can be invited and any surplus can be given to LWPT. This gives an opportunity for fellowship among Preachers, outside the regular meetings, and an opportunity to raise funds for LWPT.

You can contact LWPT directly to request fundraising materials and information leaflets to display and share in your church or at events. To download our Fundraising Agreement, click here.

To read an account of an event run by one of our local co-ordinators, click here.