Miles’ Story


Miles Tradewell received a grant from LWPT last year to assist him with his studies. Hear from Miles the impact the grant has had on his life.

Thank you so much for supporting me financially during this academic year. Receiving confirmation that I had been awarded a grant was hugely significant for me. It really encouraged me to keep pursuing further study. Practically speaking, this would not have been a realistic option for me at this stage without your grant. That is why I’m so grateful for your generous support.

I have now completed the first semester of a Masters of Letters (MLitt) in “Bible and the Contemporary World” at the University of St Andrews. So far, the course has been extremely beneficial to me and has influenced my preaching and teaching in all kinds of ways. The main focus of the first module was the book of Revelation, which was stretching and inspiring in equal measure!

I would certainly recommend the “Bible and the Contemporary World” MLitt to others who are looking for a flexible way to engage in theology and biblical studies. The teaching is at a very high level and has certainly enriched my ministry within church. For me, the course has ticked all the boxes!

St Andrews has kindly allowed me to transfer some masters credits that I earned several years ago during teacher training and apply them towards this course, so I have not needed to complete this term’s module. However, I’m very excited about starting back in September, when we’ll be focusing on Theology and the Arts. I’m hoping to explore the way that poetry, narrative and storytelling can play a part in preaching and teaching. The artistry of homiletics has been an interest of mine for a number of years and I’m looking forward delving into this theme further.

From January 2019 I’ll be focussing on my dissertation. In fact, I found the first semester so engaging that I’m seriously considering taking a deeper dive into one of the themes from the book of Revelation for my thesis. My current grade average is at distinction level (which has been a pleasant surprise!) and I hope to continue at this standard through to the end of my studies.

Again, thank you so much for your kind support. Taking up the opportunity to study this year really has felt like God’s timing and your grant has been instrumental in making it happen.

Miles is a husband, father and Minister for Discipleship at Lansdowne Church in Bournemouth