First of all I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this year and to thank you for having given me this unique opportunity to visit different parts of the country – I have been north, south, east and west!

The Travels

I started off in the Southampton District with a short slot for LWPT in their District Local Preachers’ Day Conference and then in the Spring I was at the Leeds District LWPT Conference, where I spoke on the Saturday afternoon and took two services on the Sunday.

I had three invitations from Local Coordinators to speak at Circuit Local Preachers’ Meetings in Cambridge, Walsall and Romford (still to come) – a good half hour slot which enabled me to give as full a picture as possible of the work of LWPT.

Helping to man the stall at the CRE Exhibition was a very worthwhile time of meeting many people and commending to them the resources available to preachers and leaders of worship through LWPT.

I received a warm welcome at the WRU conference and I was able to bring greetings from LWPT, and also give a short presentation on the present work of LWPT.

We spent a happy LWPT weekend in the West Devon Circuit, with an opportunity to speak briefly at the supper on the Saturday evening and to take 2 services on the Sunday.

Finally we visited all four Homes during the summer, the highlight being the privilege of presenting a 100th birthday certificate to Nan du Feu Cooper at Woodhall on behalf of LWPT.

I am now using a follow-up presentation in my local area, entitled ‘Good News from around the Country’, in order to show something of what I have learnt personally from my travels and to encourage others when they see what God is doing ‘north, south, east and west’.


I am conscious of the crucial role of the Local Coordinators in ‘getting the message of LWPT out there’ and we are most grateful for your work. Visits to Circuit Local Preachers’ meetings are invaluable, so that, as Preachers and Leaders of Worship, we are aware of where LWPT is now and how much it can help in providing ‘the best for worship’.

We were humbled also by the wonderful and tireless work being done in caring for those in our LWP Homes, giving ‘the best in time of need’ to many.

In Conclusion

My grateful thanks for the welcome and hospitality we received from all of you whom we met. It has been an exciting time and a privilege to share with you in the fellowship of LWPT. I pray that John Bolton will have a happy and rewarding year and that he and Judy will enjoy it as much as we have done.

Jenny Benfield - November 2015