The National Advocate works with local co-ordinators to raise awareness of the support that LWPT can offer. Our National Advocate, the Revd John Bolton, talks about his aims for his time in office.

'One reason for choosing me was because I have a history of working ecumenically. One of my aims for my time in post will be to attempt to inform Anglicanism of the delights and resources LWPT can provide. I am also aware that are more denominations than two!

Therefore, if and when you are able to invite me to address an event in your area, I hope you would feel able to invite Christians from all denominations and none to the event. The main reason I was drawn into ecumenical work, was because of my strong belief that when God blesses and individual or a group, he does so in the hope that the blessing will be shared with all his children. Christianity includes a multitude of types of people because God has made us different in some ways while being one in Christ.

My second aim is to highlight the fact that LWPT is an ecumenical organisation drawing heavily on its Methodist roots.

My third aim arises out of an optimistic belief that God will continue to bless LWPT with growth in quality and numbers. This will inevitably mean that we will need even greater financial support. This reminds me of a time, as a vicar newly appointed to a parish, I was presented with a bill of £18,000 for tower repairs. After much prayer I felt led to tell the PCC not to worry, the money was there. At the moment it was spread around their and other bank accounts but I felt God has promised it would move to the church account! It has always been my experience that where God gives a vision, all the resources follow.'

Jenny Benfield who was National Advocate for 2014-2015, talks about her year in post here.